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Online shopping made so easy, enjoy your shopping experience with AYOBAS.COM

Increase in leads and business exposure with Bizblog online business directory.

Making it easy for you to search for the nearest healthcare or medical facilities.

DEAL DIRECTLY with the seller, buyer, owner or tenant, have more room to negotiate.

User friendly, Self managed and accessible on all devices


AYOBAS.COM is an online shopping platform that not only offers retail product to consumers but also offers wholesale products to businesses or individuals that would like to startup a business.

We have over 30 leading brands available on our website and over thousands of products, making AYOBAS.COM the one stop online shopping platform.

Create an all win situation for both the consumers and suppliers. We will try our best to offer the best possible deals to the consumers and get the most brand exposure for our suppliers.

Only when you win, then we win.


BIZBLOG is an online business directory for business owners to gain online exposure on their business and interact with their clients. Increase online exposure and presence, generate business leads and increase in turnover.

Sign up for free and upload your business listing within minutes. Self-managed business directory, easy to use and enrich in functions and features.

Business owners are able to post news and updates, create vacancies, become a vendor, accept bookings online and much much more.

Your business is our Business.


MedDirect, we try to have all the healthcare services or medical facilities under one platform for your ease of finding the required facilities or services. Making it easy for you to search for the nearest around you when needed.

Mobile friendly website that would ease your search online for a healthcare service or medical facilities at your finger tips. Giving you the option to rate your experiences on the facilities or services received.

We know how much it takes to become a qualified doctor so we have taken away all your hassle to look out for your patients once you have qualified. MedDirect will give you an easy reach to all the patient.



OWNERSPROPERTY, a self-managed property advertising platform allowing property owners to advertise and deal directly with the respective buyer or tenant.

Creating an agent free platform, giving the respective parties the platform to communicate directly to avoid miscommunication and the room to negotiate.

Gain more and Save more